Angel of Protection

Known as the great protector, Archangel Michael may be called in to assist you in any areas where needed as this is his specialty.   He is often a comedian and likes to have fun with our challenges by giving us ways to laugh with him about our adversity.  He is not opposed to playing tricks on us at times to remind us of our learning as it is sometimes more easily integrated from a place of laughter.  Very easy to appreciate and work with, Michael is extremely joyous and loving in his approach and energy no matter what you throw at him and yet he is powerfully clear, strong and unfailing when it comes to protecting his flock of godlets here on earth. 
His messages are often simple and to the point reflecting his well-known sense of humour.  He is quick to support and acknowledge all the good that resides within us by showing the way from a place of loving lightness.  There are also times that Michael will be very firm in his wisdom shared and will offer choices to empower us with clear insights about each choice without expressing any ot them as good or bad.  It is all good.  Angels tend to support from a place of empowering wisdom leaving choice up to us.   There are truly no right or wrong choices, just different journeys to awareness, some of them more challenging than others.
Sometimes when we call in Archangel Michael during times of great distress, he may simply appear and wrap his wings around us, embracing with his Angelic presence so we may simply be infused with his great love for us.  On occasion, when Michael has appeared to support in this manner, I have had the opportunity to simply melt into his presence and spout seemingly endless tears while feeling his all encompassing Pure Love energy dissolve all the pain away until I arrived at a place of Peace once again.  Love heals all.
Michael often appears in his 10 ft high angelic form complete with beautiful wings.  Sometimes he may appear simply as his light body shining like pure white light.  Other times he may appear as a straight haired blonde male or perhaps as a dark haired native male.   Angels will come in a form that may be most easily accepted by us.  They do not always appear in the same way, however their vibrational energy will always be consistant and you will begin to recognize them by their energy regardless of the form they appear in.
If you are in doubt as to whether or not the presence arriving is Michael, simply ask and trust the thoughts in response that come into your mind.  Angels often speak to us through our thoughts as though they were our own imaginings.  Trust the first thing that comes into your head before your personal mind chatter begins to think too hard and doubt it.  Utilizing Archangel Michaels protective energy is a very powerful addition to your personal well-beingness.  Sometimes when we are weekened by events that trigger us we will have a tendency to be far more suseptible to the influence of other peoples energies.  Feel the power of the Angels energy protecting us and try the following simple test. 
Kinesiology Testing for Personal Power
Using kinesiology have someone test your personal power before you call in Michael's support then again after.  Do this by holding your right arm out front of you at shoulder level as strongly as you are able.  Have your friend press down on your wrist with 2 fingers when you are ready while you resist them.  If your arm is weak or falls by your side, you are not fully in your personal power at the moment and support would be useful.  Now - utilize the "Simple Protection Meditation" following - then repeat the simple kinesiology test above again.  This time your arm will likely be very powerful and will not budge.  You will feel the difference in your personal strength. 
If you are still weak then do the "Blue Egg" and "Aka Cord" meditations followed by the "Protection" meditation and repeat the test again.  Your arm should stay firm and hold strong against the pressure your friend exerts.  If not - it may be wise to seek out some support as you may be very low energetically and the test shows deeper spiritual healing work may be indicated.
Simple Protection Meditation
" Archangel Michael, please come in and surround me with your Divine Protection." 
You may visualize Michael appear before you in your minds eye.  Trust what you see.  He may arrive in a blue ray as that is his color vibration.  See yourself surrounded in a blue egg of Divine Protection safe from all harm and know in your heart - it is done.  You may use this simple meditation to surround yourself, your friends, family, pets, car, airplane, workplace etc. with his Divine Protection.  Utilize your imagination as there are no limitations as to how and where you may make use of his protective support in your life.
Blue Egg to Deflect Psychic Attack
" Archangel Michael, please come in and surround me with your Divine Protection deflecting all energies back to those they come from with Love" 
You may also wish to call Archangel Michael in to deflect any phychic attack from other peoples negative thoughts directed at you.   Sometimes others may think or feel negative things about you and these energies will unknowingly be sent towards you energetically whether you are present with them or not.  These energies may be deflected very simply by utilizing the protective blue egg as a sheild with the spoken intention above.
Cutting Aka Cords
"I now call on Archangel Michael to cut all aka cords free and clear sending them back to those they came from with Love."
This is a great meditation to do daily to "clean house" and start off your day right.  Aka cords are negative or positive energies that attach themselves to our spiritual and physical bodies.  They are seen in the etheric much like you would view a distributor cap in your car with many cords running from it.  Even positive energies are still attachments and it is important to understand that all attachments will affect us energetically and hold us back from being in our own energy vibration. 
As we know - the initials A.K.A mean alias, that is exactly how we will respond or react - alien to our own beingness when we have many other peoples energies attached to our very energy field and physical body.  It is especially important to do this mediation after an upset, trauma or argument with someone as it will immediately release any hold that person or persons may have on you energetically.  As you do this simple mediation you may feel a shiver of energy run through your body, shifting and lightening up your vibration once again to a higher frequency.  Very powerful !

Travel Protection

You can give this decree in full voice when you are driving your car or say it softly on public transportation to keep you safe.

"Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind, Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left, Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below, Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go! I AM his love protecting here! I AM his love protecting here! I AM his love protecting here!"

Blue Flame Decrees

Blue flame decrees when invoked give us protection against spiritual and physical harm. The legions of Archangel Michael surround us when we call and decree to them