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Many spiritual seekers understand crop circles to be messages from the Creator written in sacred geometry.  They are thought to hold significant vibrational energy whose purpose may one day be revealed.  Others believe that crop circles have been created by extraterrestrials or other worldly sources.  Scientific data gathered from crop circle sites now confirms they are absolutely not hoaxes and are created by an energy source that is currently unknown on the planet.  Regardless of their origin, they are magnificent works of art and are very precise in their detail and variations.

Scientific data condensed from BLT Research Team Inc.

Scientific Study has shown that physical changes actually occur in plants where crop circles have been formed.  This includes a bending and a blowing out of the plant nodes creating expulsion cavities beneath the seed heads.  Either stunted or accelerated growth results in the plants and their seeds as well, depending on what stage of development they were at when the crop circle occurred. 

If the crop circle occurs prior to the development of the seed, the tissue of the plant develops normally - but seed development ceases or is impaired.  At a slightly later growth stage where the seed is still forming, the embryo fails to grow normally. These seeds are visually stunted and the reproductive capacity of the plant is compromised.  Finally, when crop circles occur in mature plants with fully formed seeds, they often exhibit a significant increase of up to 5 times the growth rate.  These seedlings can also tolerate extreme lack of water and/or light for considerable periods of time without apparent harm.

In crop circles, scientists have also discovered that the epicenter plants are coated with an iron "glaze," composed of fused particles of apparent meteoritic origin. This has been noted to be caused by a rapid, intensive exposure to heat.  

These particles of meteoric dust which filter towards earth constantly, have been drawn into the descending plasma system by strong magnetic fields then heated to a molten state by a microwave type of energy.  The magnetized particles are found clustered around, or just outside, the perimeters of circular crop formations.  This suggests that a centrifugal force from a spinning vortex is distributing this material to the edges of the formations. 

There are cases where most of this meteoric dust is found at the centers of the circles in the soil then drops off towards the perimeters. Sometimes this magnetic material is deposited linearly, increasing in amounts towards the outside of the circles, again suggesting a rotating force as the distribution agent. 

The mechanical flattening of crops has been ruled out by scientists due to the clay mineral crystallization that shows up in the circles.  The amount of heat it takes to create this effect in the soil would have both incinerated the plants and caused marked change in the soil as well. 

Because there is no energy known which can selectively affect soils to one degree and plants in another way at the same location, it is strongly felt we may be observing a new - as yet undiscovered - energy source at work. It must be kept in mind that this degree of crystallization (greater ordering of the atoms) in clay minerals has never been documented in surface soils before except as it occurs in crop circles. 

Such changes are usually seen in sedimentary rock which has been exposed for hundreds or thousands of years by heat from the earth's core and the massive pressure of tons of overlying rock.  These amazing changes demonstrated creates definite interest in the actual causes behind the crop circle phenomenon and the mechanics of how they were formed. 

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Strange balls of light, often softball sized but sometimes smaller or larger, have been observed and videotaped flying over the formations in daylight as well as night in different colors and opacities.  Many people have photographed single or multiple "orbs" of light which appear to be inspecting the site prior to the crop circle appearing. 

In a few cases, literally hundreds of tiny spheres of varying colors, have appeared on the prints on several cameras.  Over the years witnesses have reported balls of light, discs of light, as well as tubes or columns of brilliant white light over fields in which new crop circle formations are subsequently found.

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Scientific data condensed from BLT Research Team Inc.

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