Excerpts from M.A.P. Book & Perelandra Website

To assist in understanding "nature," included is nature's definition of form, devas, and nature spirits.

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In the larger universe and beyond, on its many levels and dimensions, there are a number of groups of consciousnesses that, although equal in importance, are quite different in expression and function....Together, they make up the full expression of the larger, total life picture. No one piece, no one expression, can be missing or the larger life picture on all its levels and dimensions will cease to exist. One such consciousness has been universally termed "nature." Because of what we are saying about the larger picture not existing without all of its parts, you may assume that nature as both a reality and a consciousness exists on all dimensions and all levels. It cannot be excluded.

Each group of consciousnesses has what can be termed an area of expertise. As we said, all groups are equal in importance but express and function differently from one another. These different expressions and functions are vital to the overall balance of reality. A truly symbiotic relationship exists among the groups and is based on balance—universal balance. ...Nature is a massive, intelligent consciousness group that expresses and functions within the many areas of involution—that is, moving soul-oriented consciousness into any dimension or level of form.

Nature is the conscious reality that supplies order, organization, and life vitality for this shift. Nature is the consciousness that is, for your working understanding, intimately linked with form. Nature is the consciousness that comprises all form on all levels and dimensions. It is form's order, organization, and life vitality. Nature is first and foremost a consciousness of equal importance with all other consciousnesses in the largest scheme of reality. It expresses and functions uniquely in that it comprises all form on all levels and dimensions and is responsible for and creates all of form's order, organization, and life vitality.

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We consider reality to be in the form state when there is order, organization, and life vitality combined with a state of consciousness....

We do not consider form to be only that which is perceptible to the five senses. In fact, we see form from this perspective to be most limited, both in its life reality and in its ability to function. We see form from the perspective of the five senses to be useful only for the most basic and fundamental level of identification. From this perspective, there is very little relationship to the full understanding and knowledge of how a unit or form system functions.

All energy contains order, organization, and life vitality; therefore, all energy is form....

On the planet Earth, the personality, character, emotional makeup, intellectual capacity, strong points, and gifts of a human are all form. They are that which gives order, organization, and life vitality to consciousness.

Order and organization are the physical structures that create a framework for form. In short, they define the walls. But we have included the dynamic of life vitality when we refer to form because one of the elements of form is action, and it is the life vitality that initiates and creates action.

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"Devas" and "nature spirits" are names used to identify two different expressions and functions within the nature consciousness. They are the two groups within the larger nature consciousness that interface with the human soul while in form. There are other groups, and they are differentiated from one another primarily by specific expression and function.

To expand from our definition of form, it is the devic expression that fuses with consciousness to create order, organization, and life vitality. The devic expression as the architect designs the complex order, organization, and life vitality that will be needed by the soul consciousness while functioning within the scope or band of form. If the consciousness chooses to shift from one point of form to another point, thereby changing form function, it is the devic expression of nature that alters the order, organization, and life vitality accordingly. The devic expression designs and is the creation of the order, organization, and life vitality of form.

The nature spirit expression infuses the devic order, organization, and life vitality and adds to this the dynamic of function and working balance. To order, organization, and life vitality it brings movement and the bond that maintains the alignment of the devic form unit to the universal principles of balance while the consciousness is in form.

To say that nature is the expert in areas of form and form principles barely scratches the surface of the true nature (pardon the pun) of nature's role in form. It is the expert of form, and it is form itself. A soul-oriented consciousness cannot exist on any level or dimension of form in any way without an equal, intimate, symbiotic relationship with the nature consciousness.

THE DEVA OF HEALING: As part of the devic level, this intelligence functions as an architectural force and creates the physical structures found within all human healing.  The order, organization, and life vitality of the human body—that is, the full physical structure and how it functions—fall within the domain of the Deva of Healing.  MAP Healing is focused on the health and balance of us humans, therefore it is critical that the nature intelligence responsible for the physical process of healing the human body be included in the process.  With its presence, the White Brotherhood is assured that all healing processes within MAP maintain the integrity of natural law to its fullest.

PAN: The traditional name for the nature spirit who oversees and coordinates the full nature spirit level.  Pan is like the CEO of the nature spirit level.  The devic level creates all of the blueprints for form.  The nature spirit level implements those blueprints—they are the builders.  It also coordinates the action and movement of all form and ensures that this activity maintains the integrity of the original devic blueprint.  In  MAP Healing Pan aligns all physical elements of any action or process that might occur in a session to the devic healing blueprint.

Pan is utilized in MAP Healing because he is the only nature spirit that does not have regional limitations. He is universal in dynamic. This means that everyone, no matter where they are positioned on the planet, can work with Pan. His universality is critical for a program that was intended to be global. Pan is without gender and is simply referred to as him as his energy may feel more masculine.

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