Make every moment the best it can be with daily spiritual practice...


Do you have a desire to connect with your personal guides and Angels on a more intimate level?  

Would you like to be more balanced, clear and grounded on a daily basis?

Are you interested in learning how to work with a pendulum to confirm your intuition?

By cultivating and refining the sixth sense, Intuition, we thus witness the evolution of our Soul as the journey of life unfolds.

Open your awareness and experience many amazing possibilities as you learn to work with many aspects of your Intuition. A powerful workshop that will have even the skeptics trusting in more than what they thought possible.  Explore & expand your abilities and awaken intuitive gifts in a joyous, fun filled, experiential way that will surprise and delight.  A day filled with valuable resources and inspiration that you won't forget.

During this workshop you will...

Awaken Self Awareness & Personal Power

Accept an invitation to profoundly empower yourself by developing and refining the sixth sense, Intuition. It is vital we explore this ability, as without the awareness that originates from our inner knowing, we may often find ourselves very challenged on the road of life. True meaning for our very existence becomes Self-evident when we explore beyond the confines of our physical reality.

Learning to tap into one's Intuition or inherent knowing is a gift every individual has the ability to enjoy. Many simple tools are offered in this workshop and with a little field practice, one may be surprised at how quickly their abilities develop. The trick is to remove one's mind from the equation and trust in the answers which are then revealed through our hearts.  Awaken and expand the knowing within.  THE TIME IS NOW...  

Experiential workshop includes presentations, demonstrations, hands on practice, clearing and meditation, pendulum use, personal coaching and Intuitive Spiritual Practice workbook of Guides, Angels, prayers, meditations, protection and more.

This workshop falls on the day of the first quarter moon.  A time when people are usually in a hurry, called the Crisis of Action when one feels they have to do something.  A time to break bindings in order to change, the first quarter is a good time for magick in the areas of realignment, courage, luck, friends, and motivation. It is a time to call upon extra support for elemental magick and consider utilizing Triple Goddesses as well.

DIANA McINTOSH Facilitator: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Diana is a trained Healer, gifted Medical Intuitive, Masseuse, Spiritual Counselor, Visionary & Artist. Consciously connecting with her personal guides and Angels in the etheric realms since early childhood, she has the ability to see within the physical body & much like one would view an X-ray. As an Artist and a Designer, facilitator Diana McIntosh has explored many avenues of creativity and produces spiritual gift products, jewelry, collage art and mannequin art for galleries. She shares her many intuitive spiritual gifts and abilities with others, in an easy, relaxed atmosphere with inspiration and experiential practice.  From an easy place of understanding, individuals are empowered with awareness and support so they too may utilize their many divine gifts. More about Diana

1 Day Workshop $144. 

Pre-register for only $99.

Fun, Experiential, Inspiring & Unforgettable!


DIANA McINTOSH - Facilitator
EVENING SEMINARS  $20 with advance RSVP $30 at Door
Intuition & Co-Creative Healing ~ TBA Fall/Winter 2013
7pm - 9:30pm
Light appetizers & refreshments served.
Crystals, Crystal Wands & Pendulum Kits available to purchase
Other Single Evening Events
Angels & Spirit Guides  
Pendulums - How to use them for guidance, healing, wisdom
Crystal Healing with Gems & Elixir Remedies
Sunday TBA Fall/Winter 2013
10am-6pm  Bring Pot Luck lunch
Pay before Nov. 30th ~ only $99
Workshop includes light lunch, workbook.
Crystals, Crystal Wands & Pendulum Kits available to purchase
Location: Central Vancouver, BC
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