PENDULUMS - How to use them for guidance, wisdom, healing...Intro Evening

The use of pendulums is an age old art that is extremely valuable for healing and informational support.  By learning to work with a pendulum, you can "talk" with your Body-Mind-Spirit and get clear insight and answers to many questions you may have in your life.  A great way to dialogue with your higher guidance, pendulums offer a way into the spiritual realms with tangible responses to our questions. 
There are easy ways to work with a pendulum and this evening shows you how with step by step guidance from a trained facilitator.  Guided by the Angels, Diana was given the information to create very powerful pendulums along with a mini instruction book to support others in utilizing this valuable resource.  Consider working with amazing pendulums created and programmed specifically for incredible accuracy that often work almost immediately for everyone. This is not something that can be said for most pendulums offered on the market.  As an example, in a live demonstration at a Spiritual Warrior Camp with T. Harv Eker and an audience of more than 100 people, each chose a Co-Creation pendulum designed by Diana to practice with.   Out of that demo, 125 of Diana's pendulum kits were sold to the audience.  That kind of positive response rarely happens with any product!
Come and enjoy the opportunity to try several pendulums out, find one that resonates for you and learn how to tap into the wisdom of your highest guidance.  Diana's handcrafted pendulum kits complete with mini booklet, are made with sterling silver and semi-precious stones and will be offered for demo use and may be purchased if desired. Cost is $20-$45 for a complete boxed pendulum kit, laminated booklet and mini silk bag.

FACILITATOR Diana is a Medical Intuitive with Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient gifts.  A trained Healer, Workshop Facilitator & Practitioner,  Intuitive Masseuse, Artist, Designer, Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach. Diana has consciously connected with her personal guides and Angels in the etheric realms since early childhood empowering others in awakening their abilities to do the same.  More about Diana

DIANA - Facilitator
INTRO EVENINGS  $20 with advance RSVP ~ $25 at Door
7pm - 9:30pm.  - TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Light snacks & refreshments served.
Pendulums - Practical and basic how to assistance for personal guidance, wisdom, healing
Crystals, Crystal Wands & Pendulum Kits available to purchase
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Suggested Workshop for more work with Pendulums and Intuitive Self Empowerment practices...
TBA Fall/Winter 2013
10am-6pm  Bring Pot Luck lunch
Early Bird payments ~ only $99
  • Workshop includes light lunch, workbook.
  • Crystals, Crystal Wands & Pendulums available to purchase
    Location: Central Vancouver, BC
    Group Discount Specials