CO-CREATIVE HEALING # 1- Weekend Workshop (Experiential Practice & Theory)

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The Angels, Ascended Masters and many other Kingdoms and Guides work with Diana to support the empowerment of each individual attending these weekend workshops.

"In silence, close your eyes upon the world that does not understand forgiveness and seek sanctuary in the quiet place where thoughts are changed and false beliefs laid by."  A Course in Miracles


Exceptional Healing with practical techniques for personal and professional use.

The art of Co-Creative Healing and Body-Mind Consciousness "reading"  offer excellent resources to support all other healing modalities, traditional or alternative.


What the weekend workshop consists of...

During the Co-Creative Healing Weekend Workshop # 1, participants are taken through a series of steps to support the development of their intuitive abilities with the focus on opening and clearing oneself initially, then expanding into deeper experiences as one learns to work with healing others.  This is a great place to learn to Trust, as even those who are unaware of their Intuitive abilities, achieve amazing results.  Others expand greatly in personal awareness as they clear away and heal the blocks that stop their sixth sense ~ Intuition and Inner Sight or Third Eye Vision.

Discordant energies may be physically manifested or emotionally and spiritually held or contained in the soul's DNA & body memory of every Soul or Spirit.  Experience body scanning to identify these blocked energies in others, with whatever abilities you have most prominently developed and learn how to refine your sense of understanding and working with your personal gifts. Basic techniques in Body-Mind Consciousness "reading" is encouraged, taught and expanded on for deeper integration. Coaching and experiential exercises further awaken these abilities throughout the weekend. Learn to find, see and feel dis-ease, physically, emotionally or spiritually held within someone's body and support them in co-creatively removing and healing that energy, often permanently and instantaneously as skills are learned and developed.

Working with guidance from facilitator Diana along with support from attending Angels and Spirit Guides, Divine energies are moved through the Body, Mind and Spirit, via demonstration and experiential practice, making way for deep clearing and purification.  An intensive, yet nurturing passageWhen the Spirit is willing, anything is possible...

In the Co-Creative Healing Workshop #1 you will... 

Understanding how a Medical Intuitive may utilize Co-Creative Healing and Body-Mind Consciousness Reading...

If one considers that all pain dis-ease in the body is simply consciousness held as energy, you may better understand how easily it may be released.  The energy field around the body (aura) is like the filter system for all the emotions that we experience daily. The auric field usually expands out 5-7 feet from the body on the average person and usually much more with healers or enlightened masters.  Most of the events that trigger us emotionally are eventually cleared on their own through the energy field or aura.  

When we hold on to an unsupportive emotions, thoughts or behavior for an extended period of time however, our consciousness hears it as real and begins to manifest it by first creating a more dense and shrunken energy field containing all this excess held energy. If the consciousness is held long enough, it is then forced to move into the physical body to manifest as physical dis-ease as the etheric energy field can no longer support it's density.  

Once pain, sickness or dis-ease shows up in the body, it has likely been around in the energy field for a very long time, sometimes years, especially if we have become accustomed to owning it or calling it "my arthritis or my allergies."  Until this energy is cleared in the Body-Mind Consciousness,  it acts as a magnet, drawing more like energy or trauma to it.  Depending on where this energy resides in the body, it means different things and may into specific diseases relative to what it means.  Thus the art of Body-Mind Consciousness "Reading" becomes a valuable support tool.  These are messages from our consciousness indicating how we limit ourselves in our expression and are a key to clearing it permanently.  All these things may be "Read" and cleared intuitively by anyone who takes time to develop this awareness.  Medical Intuitives' have often fine tuned this ability in many different or individual ways and are only as accurate as they are open and clear in trusting their abilities.  If they personally hold onto alot of unhealed issues, their projected , filtering system will cloud their interpretation of the messages that come through, thus creating inacurate "Readings" for themselves or others.  A good healer is on a constant personal healing journey, ever clearing challenges while refining their abilities through a deeper and more intimate connection with the Divine and Creation itself. 

Most typical or medically based healing modalities only deal with the physical removal or clearing of blocked energies which may show up in the body as pain or dis-ease. Once any discordant energy, organ or dis-ease is removed from the body it makes a space where any remaining related energy in the etheric auric field that still needs to be cleared, simply moves in and fills up the space now created in the physical.  In addition, most chronic pain is past life related which makes it more difficult to successfully remove if one only works with the physical.  It is therefore very important to clear the auric energy field and blockages in the physical body simultaneously, to insure more permanent, long term results with healing.  Without this step, along with personal understanding or awareness of why or how the energy got their in the first place (Body-Mind Consciousness Reading or BMC), individuals will be less likely to clear things very easily or in the moment. Co-Creative Energy Healing and BMC Reading allow for this transition to occur through all levels of the Body-Mind and Spirit to the degree that the individual is willing to let go.

Workshop Includes: Many tools are utilized to awaken one's inherent intuitive gifts. Students are coached on connecting with personal Spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Nature Spirits & Totem Animals who are available to assist us. Power meditations and ancient prayers are shared to open Divine healing abilities. Individual coaching to understand and develop ones personal abilities is encouraged and shared for the groups learning. Deep personal clearing as well as hands-on healing for group participants is part of the weekend.

CO-CREATIVE HEALING #2- Weekend Workshop. Event is focused on experiential applied therapy and offers both individuals or healers of any modality, an opportunity to work hands-on with Co-Creative Energy Healing practices and Body-Mind Consciousness Reading with guest clients and other participants. Hands on practice allows for quicker integration, confirmation and trust of the principles applied in both Levels #1 & #2. Although Level #1 is not a pre-requisite for #2, both workshops are very different in actual applications and material taught. If you are interested in working deeply with friends, family or clients, both workshops share excellent therapy that may be utilized with any other modalities as additional healing awareness and support. Both Co-Creative Energy Healing workshops are extremely worthwhile as a complete package of learning and experiential practice, encompassing a wealth of knowledge for individuals or healers.

FACILITATOR DIANA McINTOSH ~ Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Diana is a trained Healer and Practitioner, gifted Medical Intuitive, Masseuse, Spiritual Counselor, Global Visionary, Artist and Designer. Consciously connecting with her personal guides and Angels in the etheric realms since early childhood, she has the ability to see within the physical body much like one would view an X-ray. She also shares her personal expertise in  Body-Mind Consciousness Reading and teaches others to "read" this language effortlessly. Throughout the years Diana has been an open channel, working with various teachers along with many personal guides, Angels and etheric Beings from many realms.  This open connection has assisted in re-igniting her awareness and knowledge of the Sacred Arts of Tantra as a Tantrica in her previous lifetimes.  Diana also continued her exploration and expansion of her many healing abilities with Dr. Norma Milanovich, one of the top ten Spiritual teachers in the world today.  Norma has spoken many times at the United Nations and leads spiritual journeys all over the globe. Shortly after working with Norma, Diana trained extensively in the arts of Shamanic Healing, one on one with "Many Horses," a BC Native Indian Medicine Man descended from multiple generations of Shamans and with Alton, channel of Egyptian Ascended Master Thoth and the Melchizedeck Method of healing.   Diana has been on both a personal journey and in service with Peruvian Shaman "Juan Ruiz" for the last few years.  Juan not only shares his own renowned spiritual teachings all over the world, he is also coordinating the Dalai Lamas 2 year world tour through to 2010.  Diana's current studies include eastern Vedic teachings of the Universal Laws of Creation contained in the Bhagavad Gita with well known author, astrologer and master teacher and guru, Jeffrey Armstrong. Her personal Intuitive gifts along with the support of many Spiritual teachers both earthly and etheric, have allowed her expanded access and awareness of our journey with Creation, which she lovingly shares with others in service to the Divine.


EVENING SEMINARS  usually $20 with advance RSVP ~ $30 at Door
7pm - 9:30pm. TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Light appetizers & refreshments served.
Crystals, Crystal Wands & Pendulum Kits available to purchase
All below evening links are wonderful intros to the weekend work.
Intuition & Co-Creative Healing Tues. Nov. 3
Pendulums - How to use them - healing support
Crystal Healing with Gems & Elixir Remedies Mon. Oct. 19
Angels & Spirit Guides
CO-CREATIVE HEALING #1 Weekend Workshop $333
Experiential Practice & Theory
Saturday, Sunday TBA Fall/Winter 2013
9am-6pm  Bring Pot Luck lunch to share
Pay 1 month in advance ~ only $255
Workshop Includes Workbook. 
Crystals, Crystal Healing Wands, Pendulums available to purchase.
CO-CREATIVE HEALING #2 - Weekend Workshop $333
Experiential Applied Therapy
Saturday, Sunday TBA Fall/Winter 2013
9am-6pm  Bring Pot Luck lunch to share
Pay 1 month in advance ~ only $255
Workshop Includes Workbook. 
Crystals, Crystal Healing Wands, Pendulums available to purchase.
(Although CCH #1 is not a pre-requisite to CCH # 2, prior energy healing experience or awareness is helpful.  Call for more info)
Sunday TBA Fall/Winter 2013
9am-6pm  Bring Pot Luck lunch
Pay early ~ only $99
Workshop includes workbook.
Crystals & Pendulum Kits available to purchase

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